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Eating Your Cake Too Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Are you interested in communicating with MORE confidence? In this episode, I talk with you about how YOU can communicate with confidence like Oprah too! I begin by sharing a little about what that actually means, and what behaviours we can observe in confident communicators. From there, I then outline the traps I so often see people fall into that prevent them from coming across as confident in their ideas.

I share some common traps that I see happening to people, women in particular, and I explore how the powerhouse women we all admire avoid these particular traps. The first trap I share about is the use of filler words. The second one is being afraid to embrace the power of the pause. The third common trap is rushing one's time away rather than taking the time needed to share ideas. The fourth trap is the inability to stand in one's own power. And the last trap I share is the use of uptalk or up-speak at the end of one's sentences. We'll talk about how to avoid these traps and how to become a more confident communicator.

Finally, I share a bonus tip with you - the three P's approach to handling unprompted questions, which is a very effective method to field those unexpected questions that might come up when presenting! Listen in to hear how that works!

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